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The one concern we've run into from clients in regards to other agencies or web developers, is that they are "locked in". They have to rely on their agency or developer to make updates to their website content and usually they have to wait and wait and wait.

We develop our sites within a Content Management System (CMS). What does that mean for you? Once the site is completed, we will provide you and your staff with in-house training on how to use the Content Management System. This will allow anyone trained and with access to update content, add and remove pages, news articles, blog postings, photos and event listings on your website, when you want it. No more waiting on others to get your site up to date.

Your Website, Your Content, Your Way

Have you created your own content management system?

No. We use what's called Open-Source Content Management Systems. There are literlly hundreds to choose from and we have researched and tested all the top ones available. We stick with two main Open-Source Content Management Systems. WordPress and CMS Made Simple.

Wordpress is the most robust CMS on the market, however it has a bit of a learning curve to it in regards to the content management element. A just as powerful, slightly less robust and extremely easy to use CMS is CMS Made Simple (this site is built with CMS Made Simple). This is the CMS of choice for us. If a client prefers, we can build their site in Wordpress, however we have had great feedback on the usability of CMS Made Simple.

Outside of allowing our clients control, we don't built our own CMS system because the Open-Source CMS's available are maintained and regularly added to by a huge community of developers. We don't want to hold you to our own and charge regularly for updates and new modules. It just doesn't make sense.

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