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Did you ever have your nephew or niece build you a website?
The kid that's the son of a family friend?
A freelance designer maybe?
Did you think spending $500 for a website was sufficient?
Did you type in your business name and you still don't show up?

We're not saying you need to spend thousands of dollars for a basic website. Having a professionally designed, developed and marketed website guarantees that the money you spend isn't wasted.

We design all our sites from scratch, from the code to the design.

Why is this important? Some companies use templates that they purchase from another designer or programmer. Then they try and make the template fit your business and then they try and optimize it for search engines. This usually results in a mud puddle of bad code that search engines run away from. When you build a site from scratch, you have complete control of the look, the code and making it so the site works properly in all browsers is a snap.

Orange Frog Creative Group has a great team of designers, developers and marketers that ensure your site will be professionally designed, coded and optimized for all search engines and browsers.

Our website has won a design award from Web Site Launchpad

Our website has been nominated for a design award from CSS Design Awards