Orange Frog Creative Group
Orange Frog Creative Group

Meet The Team

Brian Timmins
Creative Director/President

Brian started Orange Frog Creative because of his love for design. Brian started designing flyers for a company he worked for years ago. He put so much time and care into each flyer, the printers he was dealing with started to refer him to other clients. Since then, Brian has worked on many successful projects and marketing campaigns. With almost 10 years of design experience, and 6 years of marketing and advertising experience, Brian brings a wealth of experience to each project.

Tom (Top Secret)
Web Programmer

If you need anything programmed for the web, Tom is the guy to call. He can program pretty much anything from PHP, MySQL, Javascript, ASP, Ajax to iPhone, iPad and Google Android apps. Tom has worked with us for many years now and there hasn't been a project he hasn't been able to tackle successfully.

Michael Rendulic
Video Production

Michael is the owner and chief videographer for Avinhouse. He is an award winning videographer and has created many fantastic pieces that have received raved reviews from all that have watched. Michael has many years experience in video production making him one of the leading experts in his industry. Michael's background is in music which allows him to not only capture your message in video, but to reel in the audience through sound and create an unique viewer experience.

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