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About Us

Orange Frog Creative Group was founded in 2008 as a print and graphic design studio with a mission to provide clients with the best possible, hassle free, no-surprise service you would find in the industry. Not the best time to start a graphic design company though as 2008 was just the beginning of the worst recession to hit in over 75 years. However, when every other design and creative agency around were laying off the majority of their staff so they could weather this recession, Orange Frog Creative Group, living up to it’s mission statement, started to blossom.

Over the next three years, with keeping our budget tight and manageable, Orange Frog Creative Group grew and evolved, and we did so based solely on client referrals. With the fact that our clients liked working with us so much they were referring us to their friends and business communities, they would rarely look for another agency to perform work on other projects. This lead to the evolution of Orange Frog Creative Group into a full service creative agency offering its current lineup of services.

In 2011, Orange Frog Creative Group just exploded. With the recession pretty much over, businesses where ramping up their marketing again and with the reputation we earned in previous years, we started getting more and more calls. We also signed a service supply contract with a large printer in Surrey which allowed them to offer their clients media and design services on top of their current printing and distribution services. This allowed us to work with larger businesses that are household names in BC growing our client list and portfolio.

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